Open Source Hardware for the Beagle Traveler

The hardware side of the OBD 2 interface to the BB (BeagleBoard) will be open source. This is a call out to the community on how this should be handled. Attribution-ShareAlike or some other form of open source foundation needs to be finalized before the soldering iron heats up on this project. This way everyone will be able to build one relatively inexpensively and it will be in-line with the BB community. Other options will be available but off the shelf products will cost more. The Beagle Traveler will be an off the shelf product that any competent automotive shop should be able to install. Fleet service vehicles such as public transportation and public works vehicles can be monitored and serviced as data is passed back to the maintenance department.

The other side of the project will focus on in transit entertainment and communication. Once the OBD 2 is incorporated then this secondary project will fall into place. Ideas for this phase are still on the chopping block, so let us hear from the community on what this needs to be.

We are here and waiting for feedback. Comment below on your ideas.


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  1. There should be a fork, right from the get go. One should be a BB that is used as a translator for a computer, like an obd2 module that plugs into a full blown pc, where it is accessed vnc to show data in realtime. The other should be a bb that has software for displaying data on an lcd screen, for instance in the application of replacing the radio in the vehicle with a carpc. Just a suggestion, I just think making just a module that is accessed from cli is the first real step.

    I think this is an awesome idea, and that you should advertise a little more. There are plenty of people who could really help make this happen.

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