Introduction to Beagle Board Development

We have two disciplines when it comes to development with the Beagle Board. On one side we have software development which involves code. Since the board has support for many popular OSes we can simply swap them out to test which is best for the boards final placement in a production environment. On the other side we have hardware development. Since the BB has support for many external peripherals we can simply choose them based on OS support. Also the BB has an expansion header which makes that a popular place to exploit.

The Beagle-Traveler will be a two pronged effort using both disciplines. Software will need to be written to handle specially designed hardware that will integrate simple car functions into one controller. Communications with common vehicle functions will allow a person to command and configure aspects of the vehicle.

Automotive electronics require DC voltages dealing with high amps. Areas in which the BB will need to connect will include electric windows, starter, door locks, lights, engine control unit and many other systems. Starting with the simpler circuits first will reduce the amount of complexity as revisions are made. More complex interfaces will need more consideration to be able to keep this system universal and or expandable.

OBD II On-board Diagnostics second generation is a technology adopted by US automakers to standardize electronic diagnostic equipment on motor vehicles to help reduce emissions. Because each manufacturer has a slightly different implementation of OBD making a universal interface can become challenging but an universal adapter with engine monitoring sensors could be readily adapted.

Stage one electronics: Ignition, Locks, Lights, Windows and other 12 volt systems can be controlled with a simple relay board and some ttl signals controling the outputs.  This is where the dev will start with hardware and software to contol it. Stay tuned for the next post…


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  1. Hi! I’m working on a project that uses Beagleboard in a car enviroment. We are developing an application that controls the peripherals systems of a car, while track the car position, and have some other nice features. We are researching the OBD-II technology, and other hardware that we can use in our project. Would be nice to get in touch with you to exchange informations and experiences.

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